Rent a boat with crew. 

Skipper, hostess, chef de cuisine... you've never dreamed of being pampered on board a sailboat? You are not required to attest to your abilities or to have sailed. Embarking for a crewed cruise can be available for everyone. Contact Bluewater for more informations. The formula is similar to placing your feet under the table, you get food or a cleaning service. It looks like a water holiday on a full board.

Book a cruise at sea

A sea cruise is a way to find a nation. It seems like a chance to get away from everyday life and move from one island or country to another in no time. Spending your vacation on a pleasure boat is like watching the sun rise or fall on the horizon and breathing in the fresh air. Throughout their sea trip, families or couples will soon be independent. To have a skipper, they will be taken to their destination. If they have a boat licence, they will have the chance to sail on their own. Apart from that, tourists are totally free to do what they want. Whether in the morning or afternoon, they can still dive, but in bad weather. They will also be able to lie on the trampoline in their catamaran, suspended above the water. On the other hand, if you want to buy a yacht, contact professionals.

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