Open Tours out of Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a small corner of paradise located in the Greater Antilles. In recent years, the country's tourism has relatively increased even she became one of the first holiday destinations as chosen worldwide. Being the second largest island of the Greater Antilles after Cuba, it remains popular for holidays and weekends.

For many years, the Dominican Republic has conquered the heart of its visitors by its authenticity and great environmental wealth. Although discovering France and french people was formerly a renowned motivational vacancy, eyes are now looking towards the Hispaniola island to discover the beauty of the Dominican Republic and learn a little more about her.

The Dominican Republic and its wonders

The Dominican Republic is initially recognized for its beautiful beaches, the sun and fine sands. However, the rest of the world became interested in its towns and villages, authentic landscape, historic monuments, etc. It is, therefore, more available to tourists but also attracts nature lovers, discovery, adventure, history and culture.

The Santo Domingo, which is none other than the capital, marks its history. This is the first European city in the New World. It marks the conquest of the conquest of Central America from Spain in colonial times. It is home to the oldest church, the ruins of the first hospital and the oldest European forts. The Museo de las Casas Reales which also proven is there the most beautiful museum in the country. The Cordillera Central, meanwhile, is home to two national parks, including the Parque Nacional Armando Bermúdez and the Parque Nacional José del Carmen Ramírez. With 1500m², it is mostly backpackers destinations, adventurous lovers of nature and even fans of history, because in addition to an extraordinary vegetation, Valle del Tetero also holds pre-Columbian rock carvings. The Cabarete does not give in under its unique seaside resort. With its strong wind and yet shallow water is ideal for water sports. It has even become the world instead of windsurfing. The Bahia de Samana is, in turn, place of humpback whales appointment to reproduce. It offers a rather special show in January and February.

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