Holidays in the mountains

Swimming in emerald water, walking to avoid overcrowded rapids and jumping into water heaters... Water hiking is a combination of adventure and history. You are accompanied by a manual to be able to secure the surroundings and enjoy this moment in complete peace of mind. Discover : . No steep passage is required, the progression is a combination of walking and swimming. This type of river descent is ideal for matches in the water: swimming, show jumping, rapids and slides, etc. These fun courses are economical for everyone, as long as you are comfortable in the water and can swim well!

Visit of vineyards

Enjoy the atmosphere of the vineyards throughout your stay in the heart of a renowned vineyard. Between comfort and nature, you will see the vines thanks to a manual. The most beautiful vineyards in the world are within your reach regarding the wine route. Discover the french wines producers . Stay in charming hotels and discover the riches of this French vineyard.

Holidays by the sea

The coastal environment is the best place to play because the risk of falls and injuries is much lower. On the waterfront, there are many water activities and the summer season invites holidaymakers to try their luck. Windsurfing just requires a little practice and a few lessons with a professional teacher to familiarize yourself with and understand how to lift the sail. Boarding is more affordable because the boards are acceptable for beginners and reduce the risk of falls.

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