What to see in Italy

Italy has plenty of beaches, diverse and unique, but they all have one thing in common: they're all beautiful! Renting a Mediterranean boat is undoubtedly the best way to explore these little heavenly patches. If you're chartering from Calabria (the boot tip), go to Tropea and visit Marasusa Beach; a white sand strip sheltered by Towering cliffs above, looking out over a sea of turquoise ripples... although a spot that can get busy in the peak season, you could sail by early evening when the crowds get sparser and you can enjoy the quieter beauty of the beach. If you sail off the west coast, head to Ponza: a small island home to the beach of Chiaia di Luna. This beach is a stunning natural formation of 328 feet volcanic rock towering over a narrow crescent of silky white sand and rich waters of sapphire... it must be seen to be believed!

Discovering Italy with your boat

From Milan to Venice, Venice to Naples, Naples to Rome, Rome to Sardinia, Sardinia to Tuscany, you’re sure to have amazing time. Many take a trip to Italy to be enchanted by its breathtaking and world renowned architecture! Namely, The Colosseum, The Pantheon… The educational aspect of travelling is always exciting! However, the problem is that of the sites you’d want to see the most, they’re all fairly distant from one another. boat hire Italy is oftentimes the wisest decision for most adventurous visitors. Choosing to rent a boat gives you a greater opportunity to explore Italy. It may seem like I’m just saying this so that you rent a boat with us, however, Italy is home to cities and islands that are only accesible by water! Ever heard of Venice? Venice is an amazing Italian city built on water! How could you possibly visit Italy and not get a look at Venice in all its splendor? Rent one of our boats and check out Venice for yourself.

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