Travel in dominican republic this Summer

If you're not able to choose your next vacation destination, you do not have to. The Dominican Republic is open all year. This is a tropical country where humidity is always at the rendezvous. Indeed, the average temperature remains around 26 ° C. Note that when it rains generally, there is no downpour that lasts for hours and hours just what it takes to cool the atmosphere. The Dominican Republic is first of its beaches, sun, relaxation, parties, cities, villages, gastronomy, architecture, culture, traditions, adventure. It is then important as with all travel, to prepare well to stay in the country. For more details, please visit the website.

How to prepare his trip to Dominican Republic?

If this is your first trip, you should know that Dominicans do not wear shorts or too débadeurs although the heat is scorching. In Dominican Republic, the starched shirts and high heels are ideal for nights out. At the beach or at the pool, you can wear long pants and comfortable and chic little high.

There are several housing Domicaine Republic. If you are traveling in high season, it would be best to make a reservation in advance especially if you want to stay in tourist areas. Online rates are the most advantageous. You can choose between hotels, B & Bs, resorts all-inclusive hotel apartment or homes for longer stays.

Regarding the money, you can find ATMs throughout the country. Most charges a $ 225 R & D Committee about with a low withdrawal limit. Credit cards are also accepted in major cities and tourist establishments. Visa and MasterCard cards are the most common. Bargaining is very common in the country even if the item you want to buy has a label. You should also know that most restaurants majorise the addition of 28% and it is not indicated on the map.

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