The relation between France and the Caraibes...

France has always belonged to the Caribbean by way of Saint Martin and Saint Barthelemy, Guadeloupe and Martinique. It has always been afraid to contribute to securing the Caribbean islands but not only. Indeed, the country is also concerned about the involvement in the economic development of these islands, to implant Francophone businesses and the strengthening of cultural ties that united to a region with more than a million French and more than ten million French Creole.

Outside the world french heritage site which unite them, France and the Caribbean are also united through many cooperations.

Cooperation and French network in the Caribbean

Six of the embassies of France cover all countries in the region with four economic missions are located in the Caribbean. France was then represented by Ambassador to CARICOM, the ACS and the OECS to participate in regional cooperation processes. A co-advisor but also cultural action then holds an important place in with the ambassador. Its role is to always implement each cooperation projects while ensuring the promotion of French culture and coordinating the various French operators in the area. This promotion is then supported by 20 September French Alliances in the area, with two French schools and a French Institute.

France is also committed by a public assistance significant development for sustainable development of the region while paying close attention to the evolution of relations in some Francophone countries.

There are also other collaborations including cultural cooperation and francophonie that allows the French language and culture have an important place, customs cooperation, security and defense through the provision of support to serious local authorities as regards the training, equipment, operational and administrative management. There are also environmental and health cooperation that allows France to help the Caribbean to natural disasters with the establishment of several networks apprehending these phenomena, risk prevention, the organization of aid systems and rescue the entire local population while mitigating the consequences of disasters.

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