Come to Republic Dominican !

Country of more 10 million people, Dominican Republic is a territory of Hispaniola island, just like Haiti. Her capital, Santo Domingo, is the oldest city of Caribbean. This country is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Caribbean. Its climate, its geography make it a paradise for lovers of nature and beautiful beaches.

Spend a dream visit under the tropics

Dominican Republic is a country where it is almost warm throughout the year, except during the rainy season generally between May and June. Otherwise the rest of the time it is an opportunity to enjoy the sun on one of the beautiful beaches in the country. You will find the most beautiful beaches of the Caribbean, with their white sand and their mythical coconut trees .So you can enjoy water activities such as surf, boat tour, windsurfing, Jet Ski and more. Scuba diving devotees can visit La Caleta Park. But Dominican Republic it’s also a set of national parks some of which are traversed by rivers. You can visit them on foot or by boat. Fans of nature and climbing can visit the Pico Duarte, the highest peak of the Caribbean.

A country rich in history and culture

Coming to Dominican Republic is also visiting the many monuments and historic cities, some of which are listed as World Heritage of Unesco such as the cathedral Santa Maria La Menor. The culture of the island is also one of its great attractions. If there is one thing you have to see is the Santo Domingo’s carnival. Less popular than Rio’s one, we can anyway dance merengue and bachata. Its long colonial history left a unique legacy. Taino, Spanish and African cultures are mixed very well within the population. Also, the country is full of hotels and beautiful homes. Discover the pearl of the Caribbean with our all-incrusted offers. Come and taste Dominican rum and cigars.