Dominican republic

Discover the mark of the Frenchies in Dominican Republic !

When talking about the Dominican Republic, is made on referring to its beautiful idyllic beaches, the sun, the white sands as well as relaxation. It's usually holiday that we speak as soon as you mention the country where thousands of French dream of going every summer. Especially as all-inclusive hotels are there to facilitate the process that includes accommodation, accommodation, flights, meals and sometimes buffets. If you are a true adventurer, know that you can also visit the country otherwise away from mass tourism and off the beaten track. If you are French, for example, and you want to discover the French treasures in Dom Rep, is the opportunity for you to plunge into the land.

El Faro a Colón

In Dominican Republic, you have the opportunity to find and see for yourself what the French brought their territories. Between university, cathedrals, churches, colonial buildings and others, you only have to choose.
The most popular is the El Faro a Colón, which is also known under the name of the Columbus Lighthouse. This is the tomb of Christopher Columbus, located east of the city containing the remains of the latter when the monument was inaugurated in question. If you want to discover this mausoleum, you will find several rooms containing what you need to know about certain countries. Note that marked the history of the Dominican Republic.

The Colonial Zone

A guided tour or not the Dominican Republic surely lead you in the famous Colonial Zone countries. The latter is one of the most important sites and the most influential of all the Dominican territory. This is the first colony founded by Christopher Columbus. Note that it is part of the world french heritage site. On the website you will find many monuments and architectures to different aspects including the Notre Dame Cathedral of the Incarnation, the National Pantheon or the Alcazar de Colon. If you want to dive back in time, feel free to roam the oldest streets throughout the capital including Calle las Damas.

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